Is the heating throughout your home uneven or is your home always too hot or too cold?

Are there issues with your furnace or heating system? Do you hear loud noises coming from the furnace or air handler? Are your energy bills REALLY high? Does your heating system run continually and never cycle off?

Would you like to learn about how a heat pump could work in your home?

AMJ Heating and Cooling has been keeping homeowners and business owners comfortable for more than a decade.  We can do the same for you.

We arrive on time and complete our work quickly. Homeowners and business owners know that they can rely on us time after time.

We are committed to making sure all homes stay comfortable in every season, and we want to add your name to our growing list of satisfied customers.

Our uniformed service technicians always treat you with respect and courtesy, and are always available to ensure that you get help when you need it.

All heating systems work most efficiently and safely when they are properly maintained on a regular basis.

We Repair, Install, Replace and Perform Preventive Maintenance For The Following:

* Central Heating

* Dual Side Wall Heaters

* Heating and Ventilation Ducts

* Fireplaces

* Floor Furnaces/Heaters

* Gas and Electrical Units

* Heat Pumps

* Rooftop Package Units

* Wall Furnaces/Heaters

* Zoning Systems

Our service vehicle will arrive on schedule, equipped with replacement parts and all of the necessary tools.

We Offer:

* Fixed Pricing

* Reliable and Professional Service

* Same Day Appointment Scheduling

If you are aware of any issues with your HVAC system, it is important to get them checked as soon as possible to avoid the risk of anything becoming dangerous or more expensive to repair.

Give us a call at 778-870-7766 NOW to schedule a maintenance check.


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